Dan’s path in the music industry started in earnest playing trombone and studying composition.  That led to a B.A. in  Music Theory/Composition from Butler University, with a minor in telecommunications.  In his last year of schooling he started working at the top studio in Indianapolis, Aire Born Recording Studios.  That’s where Dan really found his calling. “Blending the creative side with the technical side is such a visceral experience for me that it’s the driving purpose in my career . . . that and helping people around me achieve their dreams.”

After moving to Dallas, Dan did everything from running sound for corporate meetings, sound system design and installation, for everything from hotel meeting rooms, to recording studios, to arenas.  Dan has worked with top artists, toured the country, and worked with bands so hip that nobody has ever heard of them.  He’s managed warehouses with tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, and  also computer networks.  His diversity of interests include all those in-between things like acoustics, speaker design, component level electronics repair, database management, video editing, photography, marketing, and last and likely least, salsa dancing.

Today, Dan is the Chief engineer for WOW! Studios in Dallas, with his primary strength being in the studio behind the board mixing or producing.  “Many people I work with compliment me on my speed, but there’s a purpose for knowing more that just all of the hot keys, and routing tricks.  It’s creating transparency.” Dan truly wants to be that open door between the producer and client, and the realization of their dreams and creative ideas.