WowOffice640Whether you’re needing a “killer” lead vocal, a commercial voiceover, a gospel choir, a Celtic band, a small instrumental combo, a slammin’ techno track or a full-blown symphony orchestra, WOW! has done it all. Our vast experience and varied skills make a massive difference in our quality sound. Come hear!
Running audio tracking and mixing sessions in L.A., Dallas or Nashville from the comfort of our studios in Dallas, and now L.A., is business as usual for WOW!. For many of our clients, in the US and around the world, it’s a convenient and far more cost-effective solution.
THE FINEST EQUIPMENT: Sometimes the latest is the greatest, and we’ve got it. Sometimes old reliable makes a sweeter sound, So we kept it around.
Computer: Mac Pro 8 core 3.2 GHz/
……………..Protools HDX
Mixer: Control 24
Monitors: ADAM S3-X/ Genelec 7070a Sub/
Outboard Gear:
• NEVE 1095, 1093
• Wunder PEQ-1
• UREI 1176f, LA-3, LA-4
• Manley El-Op, Vari-Mu, DMMP, Massive Passive